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Youth Volunteers

Did you know...

Compared with other age groups, youth have been found to be the most widely involved in volunteering? There is a lot to be gained from lending a hand! Volunteering allows you to gain new skills, meet new people, improve your future job prospects, and most importantly, give back to your community.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved in our community as a youth volunteer. While some volunteer positions include minimum age restrictions, there are also many opportunities available to youth of all ages!


Here are a few ways to get started with your opportunity search:

Visit Our Volunteer Database

Head to and create an account to start looking through the opportunities that have been posted by our member organizations; you can filter and search based on your interests!

Additional Help from Our Program Coordinator

If you’re struggling to find an opportunity using our database, send an email to for additional help in finding the right opportunity for you!

Consider Joining Our Youth Engagement Council

Submit your application by August of the year you’d like to join to be considered for our YEC! Visit our YEC page for more information about our council!

Follow us on Social Media

Follow us on social media to see updates about volunteering, our programs, and local opportunities that might be right for you!

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We’re here to offer as much help, and as many resources, as we can to help youth in our community get involved. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started lending a hand today!

High School Students

We know that high school students need to complete 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate in Ontario, and Volunteer Sudbury aims to facilitate this process by allowing students to identify opportunities that line up with their interests and values.


These volunteer hours can be completed anytime starting the summer before grade 9. But what activities count towards these hours?

Formal volunteering: giving your time with a non-profit or local organization to support a good cause. For example, you can work at a community event, help fundraise, or visit patients at the hospital.

Informal volunteering: helping out an individual or group (outside of family). This can include shovelling your neighbours driveway, helping someone move, or tutoring a student without pay!

Important Note: Although respective schools have their own criteria regarding volunteering, there are activities that generally do not count towards the service requirement; check with your guidance counsellor to be sure! Some ineligible activities include:

  • Those that take place during school hours, or that are mandatory for a particular class

  • Household chores or helping a family member

  • Work that is typically performed by a paid worker

  • Court-ordered community service

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