Valuable Volunteer Program

We want to ensure everyone has the ability to volunteer. The Valuable Volunteer Program is a three year program funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation working to reduce social isolation. It offers enhanced support and works to reduce barriers to any person with disabilities or mental illness looking to find meaningful volunteer opportunities. 

"If it wasn't for the staff at Volunteer Sudbury, I wouldn't be at Pioneer Manor. The hours are perfect, and the atmosphere is delightful helping the Tuck Shop and with activities!"

Marcel, VVP Year 2 Client

We want to find you a volunteer position that fits with your needs.  Here are the steps:
Step 1 : Recruitment
You learn about volunteering and we learn about you!

Volunteer 101
Information session for citizens interested in the program + volunteer preparation

Enhanced Matching

Entry one-on-one interview and a survey to learn about your interests/skills/wants

After sitting down with you, we'll reach out to our organizations to find some opportunities that cater to your needs.

Step 2 : Selection
You start volunteering!

Toe in Water Opportunity

Test out an opportunity and get a taste of volunteering


Interview/Screening Process

Common practice for some organizations before starting a volunteer opportunity - we'll help you get prepared 


Open Opportunity

No preliminary process - you're in and can get started! 

Step 3 : Implementation
We check in with you to see how you're doing!

1/2 Point Check-in

Quick call/email to see how you're doing

Exit Interview

Complete a survey about your experience

See the Impact and Results of Our Program!
Read one of our Impact Reports!
If you're interested in our Valuable Volunteer Program or want to learn more, give our office a call, or send an email to our Program Coordinator, Megan, at