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Training Sessions

Our Training Sessions are included for organizations at our 'Corporate' and 'Members' membership levels, and open to all other community organizations and businesses with an attendance fee. These training sessions are offered both in group settings, or one-to-one. Training is available virtually using video conferencing or in-person.

We want to help your organization grow and learn - contact us to learn more about our current training opportunities!

Current Training Opportunities
Back to Basics and Safety

Small Business Management in Challenging Times: How to protect your business during and after the pandemic.

Small business owners are working diligently to maintain safe workplaces during this pandemic. While many have key safety protocols in place, it’s critical to ensure that your health and safety program continues to meet the legal requirements, while also actively managing the COVID-19 risks.


Pamela Patry, Account Manager, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), will provide an overview of health and safety basics for small businesses owners. You’ll learn about the Safety Road Map, hierarchy of controls, how to create a safety plan, and be introduced to a variety of free resources to support program development and COVID-19 controls.

Facilitated by:

Pamela Patry, HBOR

Account Manager – Northeastern Ontario

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Well Being, Health & Wellness in the Workplace

Multiple Sessions Available

  • Growth Mindset: From Judgement to Curiosity

  • Happiness Boosters at Work

  • How to be a Goal Digger: Looking at modern goal setting theory

  • Got Grit? How to take resilience to the next level

  • Resilience, Grit and the Power of the Pivot: Covid Edition

  • Sleep Hacks: 16 tools to help you get better quality zzzzz’s

  • You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Self Care

  • You Bee-long Here: The Science of the Hive and Fighting Loneliness

  • What is your Superpower: Harnessing Character Strengths to Build Stronger Teams

  • In development - The science of empathy and kindness: how to control the volume - when and how to turn it up and DOWN.

Facilitated by:

Catherine Poulton (M.Ed., Certified Resilience Trainer) she/her

Wellness Coordinator

Cambrian College

Professional Training

Multiple Sessions Available

  • Bill 168 – Workplace Harassment and Violence Act

  • Bill 132 - Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act

  • Confidentiality

  • Conflict Resolution

  • AODA Training and certification

  • Governance

    • Board Development; develop roles and responsibilities

    • Develop policies for your organization (new or update your policies)

    • Review and update your organizational By-Laws

    • Board Communications and Structure

Facilitated by:

Barbara Nott, VBS Board Director

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