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For teachers:
Book a presentation in your classroom!

Volunteer Sudbury/Bénévolat Sudbury is pleased to offer in-class presentations for students in grades 7-12 as part of our community outreach efforts. 


For the upcoming academic year, VBS is offering 30-45 minute presentation + Q&A sessions on the basics of volunteering, the benefits of community engagement and how students can find the right volunteer opportunity.


We can share with your students all about:


  • The benefits of giving back to your community

  • How volunteerism can help develop important job + life skills

  • The rights and responsibilities of volunteers

  • How to begin individual volunteer and community service work

  • How to use our online database to find opportunities with local organizations

  • Other ways our agency can support them on their journey


We‘re also happy to customize a presentation to your class’ needs - just let us know how we can help! 

How to book:


By email: Contact us with the subject line “Classroom Presentation” and include the details of your group including school, age/grade range, and the number of students.


By phone: Give us a call at 705-560-6661 X 102 to discuss details further and plan a rewarding session.

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