Placement Students

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Are you a student looking to complete a placement for your program in the field?

We accept placement students throughout the year to support us in helping the community, while providing them with relevant and important work experience.

We take placement students from a variety of programs, including Business, Communications, and Social Work. Placement students will have the opportunity to network, collaborate with the team, grow their soft and hard skills, enhance communication skills, and spread awareness about volunteer opportunities and resources that are available to community members.

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Placement students can get experience in many areas of our operations, including:

  • Marketing and communications​

    • This includes social media, production of our quarterly newsletter, updating our website, graphic design, and more​

  • Policy writing

  • Assisting with programs

  • Event and program planning

  • Membership outreach and maintenance

  • Administrative tasks

Additionally, we are ready to add new projects based on ideas and suggestions from our students to continue to grow as an organization.

We encourage applications from placement students who are passionate about volunteering and helping our community, and are open to any ideas you have about how you can contribute to our organization. Contact for more information on completing your placement with VBS!