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What is Volunteer Sudbury?

Volunteer Sudbury is a registered charity and volunteer resource centre that acts as a link between volunteers and community organizations that rely on volunteers to do the wonderful work that they do. We aim to make the volunteer experience as beneficial and meaningful as possible by acting as a platform for organizations to post their volunteer opportunities and a search engine for potential volunteers to access those opportunities. Our goal is simple - we want to increase community involvement by facilitating meaningful volunteer experiences and work towards building a stronger community.

What is the difference between Matching Hands and VVP?

Matching Hands Program is where you can explore and inquire about volunteer opportunities. This means, you don't need any support, and just want to know whats out there, and handle any processes that come your way on your own. You can utilize this program through our online database, calling the office, emailing us, or dropping by our location. The Valuable Volunteer Program is a funded initiative through Ontario Trillium Foundation, that aims to reduce social isolation in the Greater Sudbury community. This program provides enhanced support on the volunteering journey, including training, one on one meaningful matching, and help through the recruitment processes of organizations. The best part about both programs? It is completely FREE!

How can I start volunteering?

Before you start looking for a volunteer opportunity, begin by asking yourself a few questions. Why do you want to volunteer? Do you want to give back to a cause, meet new friends, gain professional experience? What skills do you have and which skills would you like to gain? How much time are you able to commit?

Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, use our online database to see what volunteer opportunities are available in the Greater Sudbury community.

Finally, once you found a few opportunities that are of interest to you, follow the instructions for reaching out to those organizations. Volunteer managers are busy people so give them a few days to respond before reaching out again, if you still don’t hear back then move on with your search and don’t worry, there are tons of wonderful organizations that you can volunteer your time with!

What is the minimum age to start volunteering?

Generally you have to be at least 14 to be a volunteer, however some organizations will accommodate younger volunteers so long as they are accompanied by an adult. Some organizations will require volunteers to be at least 16 years old depending on the organization and the type of work volunteers will be doing. For more information search for volunteer opportunities by age group and reach out to individual organizations to learn more about their policies on young volunteers.

What is the process to apply to be a volunteer? Will I need to submit a resume?

Some organizations may require you to submit a resume, others may just ask you to fill out an application online or in person, or you might not need an application at all. A formal or informal interview may also be required, other times you will simply be invited to an orientation session, or you might be welcomed to start right away.

Do I need any specific skills or training to be a volunteer?

Each volunteer position will have certain skill requirements, however some will be more specialized than others. Organizations will provide training to ensure that volunteers are able to perform their role. Volunteering is also a great way to learn new skills!

Do I need a criminal record check to volunteer?

Some volunteer positions will require you to obtain a criminal record check or a vulnerable sector check as part of their screening process depending on the type of work you will be doing. Generally volunteers pay for their record check, contact the organization to find out more about their process and see the Greater Sudbury Police website for more information.

Can I volunteer as part of a group?

Absolutely! Certain volunteer opportunities, such as special events, are able to accommodate groups. Contact the organization in question to confirm that their volunteer position is suitable for groups.

Will volunteering help me get a job?

Volunteering can help you to gain and improve skills for future employment. Many people, especially those searching for their first job, find volunteering to be valuable experience to include on their resume. Be sure to request a reference letter (you may have to wait until the end of the volunteer commitment) and to ask if the organization that you are working with uses the Achieve Ontario volunteer recognition program.

What is the time commitment for volunteering?

The time commitment will vary from position to position. Some will require a recurring commitment on a weekly or monthly basis, others will be a one time commitment, such as for a special event.

If I have a concern about my volunteer placement what should I do?

We recommend looking first to the organizations policies and procedures regarding problem reporting and the treatment of volunteers, you should then voice your concern to a relevant member or members of staff.

Can I leave my position at any time?

Volunteers are essential to maintain the functioning of many organizations. If you are leaving your position for any reason, you should notify relevant members of staff as soon as possible in order to give them time to find a replacement.

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