COVID-Virtual Activity Pods

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Funded by the Government of Canada, New Horizons for Seniors Program, our COVID-Virtual Activity Pod Program is aimed at engaging seniors in virtual volunteering to reduce social isolation during social distancing restricitons as a result of COVID-19.

Any senior (55+) from across the City of Greater Sudbury is welcome to participate in our Pod Program!

Information About the Program

We are thankful to have been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Government of Canada through their New Horizons for Seniors Program for this volunteer program! This grant allows us to involve seniors in a variety of fun activities while adhering to COVID-19 distancing restrictions. 

There are three different Pod options available for Pod Leaders and members to choose from, and members are allowed to register for more than one! Each Pod will have a different focus area of activities targeted at benefiting the community. There will be no cost to participants for activity materials, and all will be conducted virtually through Zoom, facilitated by the volunteer Pod Leaders. Individuals participating in Pod activities will only require at minimum a phone (landline or cell) to join the Zoom calls, but those with access to devices with cameras are encouraged to use them!


The three Pods we are offering are:

  • Messages of Hope Pod

    • This pod will write letters and send care packages to isolated individuals in the community.

  • Crafting Pod

    • This pod will donate handmade items to individuals and organizations in the community.  Activities may include mask sewing, knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, etc.

  • Storyteller Pod

    • This pod will create and share stories amongst themselves and with community groups (e.g., schools, libraries, etc.). Pod members will be encouraged to share stories that are fiction and non-fiction.


Activities for all three Pods will run until the end of March, finishing with a virtual event to celebrate the accomplishments of all who gave their time through our Pod program!

Pod Leaders

If you're interested in this opportunity, but want to take on more of a leadership role, we are looking for Pod Leaders to run the virtual meetings and liaise with our VBS staff, Board members, and the Pod participants. Pod Leaders will preferably be 55+ years of age.


 Pod Leader volunteers will have responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  • scheduling meetings;

  • attending and facilitating virtual Pod meetings through Zoom;

  • coordinating pick-up and delivery of necessary materials with Pod members and VBS Staff;

  • being open to brainstorming and being supportive of creative ideas;

  • communicating with VBS staff and Board members, and acting as a liaison

Additionally, Pod Leaders will need to have the ability to use Zoom with a camera to help with the facilitation of activities.

To be considered for our Pod Leader position, you must submit an application. We may need to host informal interviews following the review of all applications. A final decision will be communicated to all applicants. If you would like more information about becoming a Pod Leader, please contact our office at

Why Should You Sign Up?

Why Join a Pod?

  • Meet new people and socialize with other isolated individuals safely through virtual activities;

  • Participate in the activities that you enjoy with other seniors;

  • Give back to the community through virtual volunteering;

  • Have fun!

Why Become a Pod Leader?

  • Help lead fun, virtual activities for seniors who need to remain isolated due to COVID-19;

  • Learn new leadership and organizational skills;

  • Have fun!

How to Register

Registration is remaining open throughout the program for Pod Members, so everyone has a chance to participate!

There are two options for registering as a Member of the Pod Program:

1) Contact our staff


Phone: (705) 482-7422

Contact our staff if you would like more information, or to get yourself signed up for a pod! Our staff can help you find a pod with activities that suit your interests, and can connect you with the leader of the pod you will be joining so you can start getting information about activities!

2) Sign up on the database

Visit the COVID-Virtual Activity Pods need on our virtual database to register for a pod! Select which pod you would like to participate in, and we will add your name to the pod list, and have the Pod Leader reach out to you regarding activities, virtual meeting times and more.

Please note, communications from your Pod Leader are likely to begin the first week of the program. If you have any issues, please contact us.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please send us an email at so we can get you into a pod today!

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