Notice to the Community

Last updated: May 4, 2020

Volunteer Sudbury / Bénévolat Sudbury prioritizes the safety of our volunteers, staff, clients, members, and community partners. We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and would like to provide an update on the known impact as it relates to volunteerism.

At this time, our office has a temporary phone number for you to reach us directly if email, or video calling, is not an option. To reach us, call 705-482-7422 and a member of our team will assist you during business hours.


Organization Prevention Measures

As an organization, we are taking the following steps to ensure the continuity of our services and ensure public safety during this period: 

  • Volunteer Sudbury / Bénévolat Sudbury will continue to provide online and phone support to volunteers and members. Any in-person meetings will be rescheduled, or moved to a phone/virtual meeting as needed.

  • The Valuable Volunteer Program has been placed ON HOLD at this time, and no new clients will be accepted. Until it is safe to resume project activities, we ask that individuals join our VVP Wait List.

  • 2nd Annual Velocity Conference has been postponed until further notice, with the plan of offering the event in June 2020.

  • National Volunteer Week Coffee Gram Initiative has been paused, along with other plans for volunteer appreciation by our organization. Please stay connected on our social media for virtual events, and recognition of the amazing people who dedicate time to our community.

  • Community Presentations or Information Sessions have been paused, and will no longer occur. An effort will be made to offer online presentations about our programs, and we will post these online events on our website, and Facebook page. 

  • Training Sessions will be postponed, or delivered as a webinar as necessary. Participants will be notified of any changes via email. 

  • Any future public event opportunities will be evaluated for community risk. More details on other events will become available.

  • OFFICE CLOSURE: To ensure the safety of staff, and community members the Volunteer Sudbury / Bénévolat Sudbury office will be closed from Public Access until further notice. All inquires, and meetings will be facilitated virtually. Please contact if you would like to set-up a meeting, or call. We will notify the public of any further changes.

Recommendations for Community Volunteers

Volunteering is important to the health and wellness of our community, and is a crucial aspect of social connection. We understand that at this time, many individuals may have their volunteer role paused, are pivoting to helping via virtual means, or, are looking to lend a hand towards those most vulnerable in our community. Along with following the recommendations from Public Health Sudbury and Districts and the Ministry of Health, we would like to share the following resources:

  • Volunteer Checklist: to use as a guide to screen your ability to volunteer, and give you tips for involvement from beginning to end. Click here!

  • Vehicle Wipe Down Precautions: to use as a guide when picking up groceries for others, and delivering meals in your personal vehicle. Click here!

  • Virtual Volunteering: find ways to help the community, while ensuring proper physical distancing measures. Find opportunities in Greater Sudbury and Click Here!

We understand that many individuals and groups are volunteering their time informally to help neighbors, and those most vulnerable in the community. We encourage these groups to participate with caution, and follow all measures recommended by Public Health Sudbury and Districts.

We encourage all volunteers to follow the guidelines of Public Health and Sudbury Districts, and practice physical distancing and safety if volunteering in person. If you have any questions about volunteering during this time, please reach out to us at

Recommendations for Volunteer Engaged Organizations

As a precaution, based on Ontario Ministry of Health guidelines, we recommend volunteers and organizations undertake the following steps to prevent risk and safeguard participants of activities:

  • Ensure hand washing stations are available and accessible. Encourage staff, volunteers, and visitors to wash their hands regularly and keep hands away from their face. 

  • Remind volunteers of the most effective ways to stay healthy by posting or distributing informational posters. (POSTER EN)

  • Post signage and advise volunteers who are ill to stay home and/or postpone their volunteer tasks or shifts.

  • Post signage and advise volunteers who have travelled to/from affected areas or been exposed to a case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days to postpone volunteering activities. 

  • Explore the virtual side of volunteering by evaluating and adapting routine tasks into virtual roles, create new virtual roles to meet routine needs, or develop pandemic related needs.

We encourage all organizations to access the resources provided by Volunteer Canada regarding volunteerism and COVID-19. We are all in this together!

Please Note: Any recommendations are based on the current precautions set by Public Health Sudbury and Districts, and the Ministry of Health. We encourage all organizations to refer to these regulations when making decisions regarding volunteering.


Volunteer Program Continuity

In addition to the steps mentioned above, we encourage all organizations to develop a volunteer program continuity plan. Although volunteer needs may not be high currently for some organizations, it is important to think about the day the pandemic, and state of emergency ends. Retaining, and recruiting new volunteers is of great importance to continue to grow in our sector.


As you evaluate considerations, ensure that you keep the following in mind: 

  • Events: anticipate any upcoming events that need to be modified, cancelled, or postponed. 

  • Risk to Older Adults/Those with Additional Health Complications: cancel events that are attended by these populations.

  • Virtual Volunteering: consider volunteer opportunities that can be done online, so your volunteers can continue to remain involved in your organization. Remote volunteering, or digital meetings may be an effective alternative. 

We encourage organizations to contact us at this time if they have needs for virtual volunteering, or would like help to facilitate the process of developing these areas of need.


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact our office at

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