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Volunteer Sudbury/Bénévolat Sudbury Launches Its Youth Engagement Council!

March 30, 2021


SUDBURY, ON - Volunteer Sudbury is happy to announce the launch of their Youth Engagement Council (YEC). The council is composed of nine local members between the ages of 16-22 who create programs and outreach opportunities in the City of Greater Sudbury. The mission of the YEC is to promote volunteerism, educate youth in our community on the benefits of volunteering, as well as help implement empowering, accessible, and enjoyable youth volunteer programming within the City of Greater Sudbury.


The official launch date for the YEC is on April 9th, 2021 and will be hosted on Volunteer Sudbury’s Instagram page. There will be multiple events on Volunteer Sudbury’s Instagram page commencing at 10:00 am and concluding at 8:00 pm. On the launch day, information will be released about the different projects the YEC has in the works, along with Q&As with notable local guest speakers and community volunteers. If you are interested in tuning in for this event, you can follow Volunteer Sudbury’s Instagram page, @VolunteerSudbury, in the days leading up to the launch date to look for this exciting new content.


Following their public launch, the YEC will roll out their first major project: a high school outreach program which will help spread their message to the youth of Greater Sudbury. With this program, the council aims to inspire more youth to engage in volunteer activities in the community, and bring awareness to the benefits that volunteerism brings to the community, as well as the rewards it provides to volunteers. The feedback from this highschool outreach program will help Volunteer Sudbury/Bénévolat Sudbury with future implementation of accessible and engaging youth-specific volunteer opportunities and programs.


"Volunteer Sudbury/Bénévolat Sudbury is excited to launch this new Youth Engagement Council,” says Volunteer Sudbury’s Operations Manager, Cori-Lynn Lemaitre.  “The team will be tasked with engaging our diverse and multicultural community while meeting the needs of our local youth." 


The YEC is excited to share this project that they have been working to develop over the past several months, and look forward to assisting Volunteer Sudbury with shaping their future programming. 

About Volunteer Sudbury: Volunteer Sudbury/Bénévolat Sudbury is a local non-profit volunteer resource centre that acts as a link between volunteers and community organizations that rely on volunteers to do the wonderful work that they do. Volunteer Sudbury helps to promote the benefits of volunteerism through awareness and education, and is the local fixture for promoting, encouraging, developing and facilitating meaningful volunteer experiences.

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